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Corporate Customers


Have you been wondering what to gift to a VIP client? One that sets you apart and endears you to them?

Or how about what to get your employee of the month? A special way to show your appreciation to them?

Are you an Art gallery looking for new material or new styles with world class quality?

Or are you an Interior Designer that is looking something different for your next customer?

With a FINE ART IMAGE from THE FINE ARTS STORE, you are sure to impress.

THE FINE ART STORE has framed fine art photos both in color and black&white. Or framed digital paintings in three styles - Watercolor, Expressionism, or Impressionism-.

All are available as limited series, signed images, framed and on museum quality standards including paper and inks.

And each includes a certificate of origin.

Imagine a beautiful, museum-quality framed fine art photo or digital painting hanging on your client’s wall or your employee’s office?

With world wide free shipping, THE FINE ARTS STORE offers exclusive luxury and collectibles products at affordable prices.

And not just as gifts. FINE ARTS IMAGES from THE FINE ARTS STORE make great pieces for Interior design companies seeking high-end decoration elements.

Additionally, if THE FINE ARTS STORE doesn’t have what you need, it can be produced. We will produce a particular image and size for a specific collection, decoration, exposition or corporate gift needs for no additional cost (some conditions apply).

Instead buying a cheap painting, THE FINE ARTS STORE would recommend something different: buy, gift or sell a museum quality collectors’ Fine Art Image (limited series).

So, next time you’re seeking a unique piece of art or gift, think THE FINE ARTS STORE.

Check out our selection today at www.thefineartsstore.com

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