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The Fine Arts Store® 

The Fine Arts Store is an online store that sells fine prints from various artists. The online store was started by Freddy Beltran, a Montreal based photographer and an Epson certified Digigraphist as well as one of the artists whose fine prints are featured in the store.

The online store stocks the following items: Framed fine art photos both color and black and white, Framed digital paintings: These are paintings which are made digitally using real photos as base. They come in three styles: Watercolor, Expressionism and Impressionism. The Photo Books with images in water color, expressionism and impressionism

From The Fine Arts Store you will also get a nicely framed Digigraphie, Fine Prints made with acid free materials, Default size shown in each photography description a numerated holographic seal-based with a  certificate of authenticity, the same seal that is stuck at the back of the Digigraphie Fine Print.

If you would like a custom made fine art print or any other product stocked at The Fine Arts Store, you only need to give the specification. Whether it is a specific collection, decoration or corporate gifts requirements, we will deliver according to your instructions. We always strive to ensure that our customers get what they want and in the quality which they desire.

In case you do not get what you need give us the details of the type of the fine prints that you may be looking for, we will be pleased to produce up to ten images candidates for you without any extra cost charged on you (some conditions apply).

All Fine Prints are limited series, 30 maximum, signed images, framed, with museum quality standards (image, paper, inks), with a certificate of origin. We also offer world wide shipping and free shipping in and around United States of America.

We are targeting the corporate market: Who need to buy the VIP gifts for their special customer or a gift to a valuable employee in the company and the interior design companies which could offer our fine prints as the high end decorations.

In the retail market anyone who is interested in photography as well as those looking to become the fine art collectors will find fine prints and digital photos depicting the calibre of timeless collection. Here you will find what you are looking for. If you do not get it, give us your specification and the artists associated with our online store will make it available for you.

If you are looking for a luxury fine art gift to share with a loved one or a person whom you would like to appreciate, The Fine Arts Store is the ideal place for you. Here you will find the kind of art you are looking for, made to perfection by artists who are dedicated to art and know what the customers want. Our luxury products are available at a price that competition cannot beat. Any one looking to enjoy a beautiful image to enhance ambiance and decoration of their homes we are the ideal fine art store for you.

The Fine Arts Store uses Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Baryta 315 paper for his Fine Prints, printed by a certified Digigrapher.

When you buy at The Fine ArtsStore... What will you receive?

- A nicelly framed Digigraphie© Fine Print made with acid free materials. Default size shown in each Phorotgraphy description

- A numerated holographic seal-based certificate of authenticity. (same seal is stick in the back of the Digigraphie Fine Print)

The guarantee: Prints' durability tests done by the independent institutes Wilhelm and LNE, from 60 to 100 years and beyond. 

Digigraphie challenges the originality tests of a Fine Print because each piece is numerated, stamped and signed. Each print is part of a limited edition.
Digigraphie® offers new perspectives to art galleries. Fine Print production on demand, high quality and original creations.
Hand made
Every Fine Print is proudly hand-made in MontréalQuébec; nicely framed and using museum quality Hahnemühle paper & materials, including an holographic seal-based certificate of authenticity.

Do you have particular needs? (for specific collection, decoration or corporate gifts requirements)
If you don't see what you need, we can produce a particular image and/or size for your specific collection, decoration or corporate gifts needs, we will be pleased to produce up to 10 images candidates for you with no additional cost. 

If you have specific inequires or any questions please feel free to contact us at +1-514-578-6078, or write us to sales@thefineartsstore.com.

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